It’s…Classy. Sharp. Simple. It’s It!

Well-dressed men and women know fashion. They also know that a simple accessory can put them a step above the rest. It’s It…the pocket sized three-in-one fashion accessory that works as a:

(I) Pocket square holderPocket square holder. With It’s It, you can fold your pocket square in a desired fold without constant adjusting! The desired fold can display a lot or a little. It's up to the user’s style. One fold can be used with several suits.

(II) Magnetic name badge holderMagnetic name badge holder. With It’s It, you can safely wear a name badge while protecting your clothes from stick pins or sticky labels.

(III) Hidden money clipHidden money clip. With It’s It, you can look like a million and have a little extra money on hand. The money clip will hold five folded bills.

It’s It can be used as a promotional item. It’s It includes an advertising panelAdvertising panel that can display company names or any promotion.

It’s It – Time to Look Good!

About the Designer: Larry H. Jones grew up in Chicago in the 60's, where business men and women dressed for work and everyone wore their best to church. Living in Arizona for the past 24 years, Larry still had the need to wear his “Sunday best.” He enjoyed wearing a pocket square but was somewhat chagrined when it wouldn’t stay in place. In discussion with other well-dressed men, he found that many avoided wearing a pocket square because they didn’t know how to fold it and, like Larry, couldn’t keep it in its place. Larry then saw a need for a fashion accessory that could help every well-dressed man and woman. He knew it had to be simple, yet tasteful and elegant. After three years, "It's It" is ready for market. Once Larry created a working prototype, he knew "It's It!"